A picture is worth a 1000 words

We create visual representations of your presentations, workshops, or meetings, making your event memorable and impactful!

Presentations with the WOW factor.

Stop PowerPoint presentations that do not say anything (and are also boring). We create digital presentations that communicate clearly and efficiently and that people want to hear.

We teach to communicate effectively.

We help you understand the basics of Visual Thinking to be able to apply it in your presentations and meetings to improve your communication skills.

What is Visual Thinking?
From the complex to the communicable

Visual Thinking has to do with thought and communication, in fact it is a real language that allows us to convey our ideas in a clear and comprehensible way for everyone, involving people in a common process, avoiding confusion and frustration.
Visual Thinking is a way to organize and express our thoughts and concepts, improving our ability to express and communicate with others.

Visual scribing

Live visual representations for events, interviews, workshops, meetings, and brainstorming, to allow you to transform words and concepts into clear and engaging images.


Creation of clear, communicative and effective digital presentations following the Gestalt rules, created to involve people and to maintain a high level of attention.

Visual workshops

Workshops for learning the basic techniques of Visual Thinking, Game Storming and Presentation to be able to apply them autonomously in the workplace (meetings, brainstorming, etc) and beyond.

Modular Infographics

Easy to use and share infographics to use in any kind of situation: from presentations to reports or on social media to give your communication material a visual boost! A quick way to add the wow effects to any presentation or document.

Our Work

The projects we follow are always different and allow us to work creatively and in a new way.
We involve our customers in all the stages of the creation process to make sure we arrive at a satisfactory result for our customer and for us.

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