Who We Are

Visual Thinking School Italia originated from the meeting of international creative minds who decided to make available to their clients a whole series of innovative and new services to communicate.
Visual Thinking School Italia is part of an international network of people who want to change the world one drawing at a time.
Visual Thinking School Italia is a container for new ways of learning and communicating between colleagues and people.


We work with the client to have outstanding and memorable results.


We help you communicate complex ideas and projects in a way that is clear and understandable to everyone.

We create content that generates interest and captures the attention of your audience.
Translating ideas and words into images and solutions

Visual Thinking is both a product and a process. The audience focuses in a visual way the treated contents that become closer, understandable and memorable, keeping the attention high during meetings.
Visual Thinking integrates and collects opinions, messages, experiences, synthesizing the thinking of the speaker and listeners in a single product.

The more complex and dynamic the business environment becomes, the more important the ability to manage this complexity through the visualizations in meetings, presentations and discussions becomes.
Visual Thinking is a real language that allows us to convey our ideas in a clear and comprehensible way for everyone, through the use of images and text, involving people (be they colleagues, audience, etc) in a common process. It is used for meetings, brainstorming and even for teaching.
It is not important to know how to draw well but to communicate with simple images and with a communicative impact.