Pharma company

Visual scribing live and correlated material for the follow up communication for a 3 days workshop
A pharma company (name hidden). The client is part of the international pharmaceutical group and its employees are health professionals (nurses and pharmacists) and customer care specialists.

They contacted us with the request to help them gather and share information, inspirations and insights about all the content produced in three days of Advanced Social Skills workshops. The workshop brought together participants from different parts of Europe gathered to learn, grow and share their experiences.
Finding a common language for the communication and engaging the participants was part of our challenge.

During the days of the workshop we visualized on a 5-meter sheet of paper all that was said, done and learned to allow the participants to be aware of the path made and to help them focusing during the different phases of the workshop.
As a follow up after the event we produce digital collateral materials (pdf, bookmarks, booklet) to be shared with the participants.