Altering your online presentation for online viewing is a key element to ensure your audience stays connected and engaged with you. The visual aspect of your presentation and flip charts is essential now more than ever!
Standard templates are boring, we want to surprise and engage our audience with a unique,engaging presentation, tailor made for your needs and coherent with your brand.

Why is it important?

  • Coherent and consistent material;
  • Easy to follow and understand;
  • Engaging with your audience;
  • Easy to reuse and share.


  • ¬†Deck of slides with master slides;
    Creation of a deck of slides with ad hoc graphics to make sure the visual elements are familiar and interesting to our audience. The creation of an ad hoc template for the event helps the facilitator create a balanced and easy to follow presentation, without wasting time on the composition of the slides.
    It is perfect for giving the event a strong, memorable visual voice across each material presented.
  • Individual assets (icons, graphics, infographics)
    Each graphic element designed for the presentation can be reused or assembled differently to create extra visual material to be shared with our audience post event.
    Great for: Postcards, e-mailers, presentation slides, social media posts, and more!

When I get involved?

Before the event to create a presentation that speaks the same language of your company and represents your speech at the best.

Visual Scribing

A clearer view of your ideas and meetings.
Live visual representation of workshops and meetings.
You speak and we translate visually your concepts, ideas to be shared and understood by all your colleagues.


In a digital world we need to be able to get the attention of our viewers or colleagues, keep them interested and be memorable and understood. For these reasons and effective digital presentation is a must. No more boring templates or presentations without personality.

Modular Infographics

Easy to use and share infographics to use in any kind of situation: from presentations to reports or on social media to give your communication material a visual boost! A quick way to add the wow effects to any presentation or document.