Clear and effective communication is a must.
Presentations, events (digital or live) must be designed and crafted with care to give viewers a clear understanding of what has been said, explained or shown.
At Visual Thinking School we aim for clear communication in three ways to give you a variety of options to choose from.

Visual Scribing

A clearer view of your ideas and meetings.
Live visual representation of workshops and meetings.
You speak and we translate visually your concepts, ideas to be shared and understood by all your collegues.


In a digital world we need to be able to get the attention of our viewers or colleagues, keep them interested and be memorable and understood. For these reasons and effective digital presentation is a must. No more boring templates or presentations without personality.

Modular Infographics

Easy to use and share infographics to use in any kind of situation: from presentations to reports or on social media to give your communication material a visual boost! A quick way to add the wow effects to any presentation or document.