Visual Scribing

In-person graphic recording is always ideal, but in these unique times, remote graphic recording offers new ways to make digital experiences just as great, if not better! Stream live visual summaries to anywhere in the world.

Each summary is also instantly shared with participants at the end of your online event.
This solution is also great to share material online or offline after the event.

Why is it important?

  • Engage with the audience during and after the event;
  • Sustain attention during the event;
  • Ensure content visibility and comprehension;
  • Communicate at scale in a flexible way during and after the event;
  • Minimize logistics hassle.



  • Understanding of the event and of the desired outcomes for the client;
  • Draft of the visualization to outline the main key points to be repretested (when possible).


  • Time-lapse videos;
  • Memorabilia of the event if required (eg bookmarks, posters with the graphics etc)
  • Vectorial representation in different formats and dimensions to be used and shared with participants and in the communication material of the company.

When I get involved?

Before, during and after the event to ensure a 360° experience and consistency of deliverables.

Visual Scribing

A clearer view of your ideas and meetings.
Live visual representation of workshops and meetings.
You speak and we translate visually your concepts, ideas to be shared and understood by all your colleagues.


In a digital world we need to be able to get the attention of our viewers or colleagues, keep them interested and be memorable and understood. For these reasons and effective digital presentation is a must. No more boring templates or presentations without personality.

Modular Infographics

Workshops for learning the basic techniques of Visual Thinking,